Hello…if you received one of the travel and have questions…I have answers.

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Q: Why did I receive this?  And what do I do with it?

A: I’ve met so many terribly interesting people in my time on earth, and I thought it would be cool if I sent them a camera where they could share a small snippet of their world with the world.  And then in turn they are tasked to send it to one of the most interesting people they’ve met…and so on and so on.


Q: What should I do with the camera.

A: Show us your life.  Take the cube out with you, snap photos/videos from the camera or with your own camera.  Take pictures of the cube doing stuff with you.  Use the hashtags from the box and tag the cube in your social media posts.  If you don’t use social media…email me the photos and I’ll post them.  Once you have had your fill…pass the cube on.  The cube desires to see the world.


Q: What if I have problems with the camera?

A: Contact me.


Q: What kind of camera is this?

A: It’s a Polaroid Cube (not a cube+)


Q: How do I use the cube?

A: It’s pretty easy stuff.  Here are the instructions from Polaroid.  Compete user guides can be found here:

Camera On: Hold the multifunction button until the LED turns green and you hear 3 beeps. All set!

Camera Off: Hold multifunction button until the LED turns off and you hear 1 long beep followed by 1 short beep.

Still Photos: Press the multifunction button once. You’ll hear a short beep and the LED will blink red once.

Video: Double press the multifunction button. You’ll hear two short beeps and the LED will blink red while you are recording. To stop recording, press the button. You’ll hear a single short beep and the LED will return to a solid green.

Select Your Resolution: You have the option of capturing video at either 720p or 1080p. 1080p gives you more detail in a higher resolution image, but uses more storage space on your camera and shortens the battery life. To Select: Using a coin or other flat object, turn the controls cover counterclockwise to open. Set the 720p/1080p switch to your preferred setting.